Downtown Woodstock - Support Small Businesses

Saturday May 16th, 2020


Restaurants and shops in Downtown Woodstock are open with limited hours and social distancing.

We are already seeing a wave of restaurant closures in Woodstock. The government has effectively made all venues take-out only, but beyond that, many places have had to throw in the towel permanently. Retailers are already in panic mode. What can we do?

Small shops, cafes, eateries, etc all create a sense of community that makes Downtown Woodstock so unique and vibrant.  Downtown Woodstock’s small businesses are what makes our spot here so special. We love our city and love all the hard working small businesses that make it so effing cool!

Despite the quarantine, we need to be supporting these small businesses so we still have a city worth celebrating when the crisis passes.

You can help support our city during the Coronavirus Chaos.

Buy a gift card.

Businesses need cash flow right now, and the easiest way to help them out is to buy some gift cards to use down the road. 

Lots of shops are offering gift card bonuses right now, so treat yourself. Even better, treat someone else. Email a gift card that lets your nurse friend order some after-work tacos. Donate an art store gift card to your local school. Or stock up on cards from coffee shops, nail salons, yoga studios and bookstores to hand out as gifts down the road. It may be hard to believe, but Mother’s Day, birthdays and teacher appreciation week are still going to happen this year. Get your gift-shopping done now when it can make a huge impact on a struggling local business.

Say “Thanks”

All of us are mega-stressed right now, but local business owners worried about their livelihood have a special level of anxiety. Send a thank-you note or an email to let them know that you see them and you’re thinking of them.

A little compassion and connection right now goes a long way.  heart