Who Else Wants to Sell Their Home for MORE? Part 2

Sunday Jan 10th, 2021

  1. If you are home during a showing Buyers WILL GRILL YOU – When you have a scheduled showing, it is important for you to be long gone for more reasons than one!  You want the buyers to feel comfortable and not like they are putting you out or bothering you while looking at your home. You want them to STAY FOR A WHILE!! You want them to imagine themselves in your home cooking in the kitchen, entertaining friends, decorating it to their own tastes, etc. If you are there, they will cut their time short which is very bad! And, even more important is that you don’t start talking to them because they are “so nice” and end up giving away details as to why you’re moving. If you NEED to move, you don’t want THEM to know that! Any little bit of information you give will be turned into LESS MONEY for you!
  1. Smelly homes sell for less money – Do I really need to say anything here? No pet smell – No cooking smell – No smoking smell. Period.  If you can’t tell, snag a neighbor who isn’t in the house all the time to be your test.

The only smell acceptable is freshly baked cookies if you are willing to do that.

  1. Cash is not always King – It’s easier in some ways but doesn’t always win! Buyers and their agents have gotten very creative lately especially in a multiple offer market. Look at all of the details first! You could end up making thousands more for a little more of a wait with a buyer who is financing. Make sure there is a strong pre-approval letter and the offer is accurate, complete and no errors.  There are a lot of time frames you can narrow down and still come out on top with more money in your pocket! It might be worth a trip to the Bahamas which would be worth it to me!
  1. Well maintained homes sell for MORE money – A well maintained home sends ZERO red flags to prospective buyers! They feel more confident that the home was well cared for with very little worries of things going wrong down the road after they have moved in. Buyers are willing to pay more for peace of mind! You don’t want them finding something neglected to put doubt in their heads as to what else is in here that the seller neglected. That equals less money in their offer right off the bat.
  1. Ignoring your agent’s communication – Please don’t go MIA! Once the decision has been made to sell your home, it’s critical for your communications with your agent and be prompt and timely. We need you to be available and prompt because there may be questions needing answers or questions from a buyer in the home and immediate answers do help! It’s frustrating sometimes when you are waiting for an answer for any length of time.  There could be a Buyer’s agent sitting at her computer waiting for the answer to write that offer!
  1. De-Personalize your home – You made the decision to sell so now you must make an effort to neutralize the home so that prospective buyers can see themselves living there. Start packing your memories that are on display, photos and graduation diplomas and anything else that scream “You.” Buyers get hung up on who YOU are when they see these things and get distracted that they are there to see your home.  Make it easy for them to see themselves in your home!
  1. Professional photos and Videos sell homes – If your agent does not offer you professional photos, you will lose money and waste time. It’s that simple. Drone shots and video are a plus but professional photos are an absolute must!  We are Real Estate Agents NOT photographers and can’t compete with photos off our iPhone.  You need the proper lighting, flashes and wideness of the photographer’s camera to create beautiful photos. Everyone is shopping online first and you want to grab their attention with great photos! You will be skipped over if they see dark rooms, bad angles and the toilet bowl. It’s like On-Line dating! Put your best foot forward because first impressions really matter!! Otherwise, buyers will swipe left, not even think twice and move on to the next!

Stay tuned for Part 3!

Regina Samuel – Top Producer – Red Barn Real Estate

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