Who Else Wants to Sell Their Home for MORE? Part 3

Wednesday Feb 10th, 2021

  1. Hiding a defect will come back to bite you! – What is the worst phone call you can think of? An attorney calling you saying you are now being sued by the new buyers that bought your home and you failed to disclose that structural issue that you knew about, but you thought it was no big deal and kept it to yourself so you could get more money. Please be honest. Getting slapped with a lawsuit is not anything anyone wants to hear and will surely make for a really bad day.
  1. Cooperation prevails – When you are under contract with a home buyer, a little cooperation will go a long way. You WON! You’re under contract! A little give and take when it comes to inspection items, etc. will result in a win/win and a smooth closing! Try not to fight the buyer about the little stuff as they will reach for those boxing gloves too. Then, animosity is created which makes it more difficult for everyone involved.
  1. What YOU love in your home might not appeal to the Buyer – Neutralize your home and please paint the bold colors to Agreeable Grey. They named that color that way for a reason, you know? If you have a passion for things such as hunting treasures or fur on the walls or your fantastic collection of Mardi Gras beads, you might want to pack those up. Not everyone can look past these passions. Do not give a Buyer a reason to find distaste in what you love. They need to start imagining their own tastes in your home. Or… trust me, when they leave, instead of your address, they will have their OWN nickname for your house, which is how they will remember it. I may or may not have helped with a few.
  1. Closing date is move out date – It’s important to understand that when the closing date comes around, all of your belongings must be packed up and moved out, leaving behind a clean home ready for the Buyers to move in once they’re given the key at the closing table.  Unfortunately, you won’t be able to stay a few days after closing to finish a few things you just never got to. And please, make sure the home is as spotless as you can get it or hire professionals to get it there. Your buyers are so excited to move in to their new home and you should be proud of its condition when you turn it over to them.
  1. Requiring that a Buyer meets financing eligibility increases your likelihood of selling your home – First of all, Real Estate Agents shouldn’t ever be showing Buyers your home or any home unless they know the Buyers credit, income and assets have been reviewed by a Lender to make sure they can afford to buy your home. Unfortunately, not all Real Estate Agents adhere to this common sense business practice and will show prospective Buyers homes that they don’t even know if they can afford.  Make sure the Real Estate Agent that you hire, scrutinizes any incoming Buyer’s offer for their ability to actually be able to pay for your home.
  1. Experience sells – Hiring a skilled, trusted, Real Estate professional gets homes sold in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money.    Your choice of a Real Estate Agent matters!


Regina Samuel – Top Producer – Red Barn Real Estate

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